To provide exceptional investment services, Dow Capital Management, LLC utilizes Bolton Global Capital, Inc. (formerly Delta Equity) as its broker/dealer and Bolton Global Asset Management for advisory services.   In addition, we rely on Bolton's relationship with Pershing, LLC for securities clearing and custody services.


Bolton Global Capital, Inc.

Bolton provides Dow Capital Management, LLC with broker/dealer services, handling many administrative and regulatory functions for the firm. Bolton is uniquely suited to our needs because its primary expertise is traditional direct investing, as opposed to marketing packaged investment products such as mutual funds, hedge funds, and deferred annuities.


Bolton Global Asset Management

Dow Capital Management, LLC provides financial advisory services through Bolton Global Asset Management, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor and affiliate of Bolton Global Capital, Inc. 


Pershing, LLC, A Bank of New York Mellon Affiliate

Pershing processes security transactions and custodies client assets. Pershing is the world’s largest securities clearing firm. The company is an affiliate of the Bank of New York, the nation’s oldest bank, founded in 1784.  Pershing is a member of the New York Stock Exchange and every other major U.S. securities exchange.